Which education for the architects to be?

September was a month full of new beginnings. In addition to new projects, I am finalizing a series of workshops about The Efficient Workflow: Management and Organization of the Architecture Practice. These workshops will be an evolution of the courses that the Lisbon Architects’ Register invited me to give in the last couple of years, with the intention of promoting courses on subjects that are not usually dealt with in the Architecture Faculties.

The importance of updating architectural education is a necessity well emphasized by Patrick Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects in the article: "13 Thesis on the Crisis of the Faculty of Architecture Architecture Academia": Architectural education is detached from the profession, from the reality and needs of the company expressed in the brief for real customers (public or private).

This is a recurring theme in my consultancies: the skills and abilities of young graduates, and their expectations with respect to the reality of the architecture firm. In my experience, one of the most complex nodes to untangle is the ability to work as a team and to understand the project as a choral process.

It is a complex and crucial issue for the survival and sustainability of our profession. Which are the skills that the young architects you work with miss? And which skills do you miss in your practice? I am curious to know if you recognize this reality in your work, and I wait for your feedback and comments! Have a good week.


So many new books to read and study for the next few weeks! I just finished POWERFUL, Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility by Patty McCord, Netflix Chief Talent Officer for 14 years. Here are her 8 lectures to build a company people enjoy working for.

An interesting article about the future of architecture, aligned with the reflection on the education of young architects, by Lance K. Josal: Is it that architecture, and by extension architecture practices, is no longer as relevant as in the past and that it is just another element in the real estate continuum? Or are practices that firmly invest in research and technology breaking away and showing the profession a path for the future?

For those interested in better understanding the link between Architecture and Organizational Design, this article by Juli Cook of NBBJ is for you: Taking a cue from the design process, the organizational structure is the key to the creativity and success of a company.

My research and reading would be much more boring without my good old friend. My passion for musicals accompanies me from childhood, and so I will end this mail with my soundtrack for the future grey and rainy autumn days.