New Website and brand new Newsletter!

Welcome to my new challenge, a newsletter on architecture and organization, sent at very irregular intervals and, I hope, not as boring as it might sound. Iā€™m constantly researching and reading very interesting contents that inform and enrich my work, and I feel the need to share them and open a conversation with my clients and colleagues.

But first a brief introduction about my activity. From 2016 I work as a consultant in Organizational Design for Architecture, optimizing my experience and my curiosity to support architectural firms in improving their work efficiency. I started collaborating with studios of various sizes and nature, particularly in Portugal and Italy, always facing new challenges and involving myself with creative and passionate architects, although exhausted.

In this first newsletter, I would like to share some content with you about what it means to work more efficiently and about another topic I'm passionate about, what a leader is. Hope you like it!


I always find it interesting to start my work sessions by sharing this article by Sheela Sogaard, CEO of BIG, where she explains the points that guided the growth of their office. Pay attention to point n.1!

It is always useful to have reference lists at hand, like this one above what is needed to be a more efficient architect according to Archsmarter.

In my research on the benefits of organized work for the creative industry, I found this article by Jessica Abel about the Scarcity Trap, with a promising title: If creativity is so liberating, why I feel trapped ?

The concept of leadership is a crucial point in my research, along with the concept of accountability. One of my greatest inspirations is the work of Simon SinekWeak companies take the right experience to do the job. Strong companies hire the right person to join their team.

Always on leadership, I would like to thank you for your attention with this spectacular TED talk by the conductor Itay Talgam.