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Veronica Baraldi

:: +351 918 262 975


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My name is Wolfe.
I solve problems.
— Harvey Keitel, Pulp Fiction

What I do ::

I offer my experience as Organization Design Consultant to support Architects in a wide range of tasks, independent or combined, long term or short term, where competence and insight are required, but for a limited time and investment.

:: Digital Architecture > Server and database organization

:: Office Manual > Writing and Editing of the Office's Manual and Procedures 

:: Standard > Composing and Editing of the Office's Standards and Templates 

:: CAD Support > Analysis of the CAD workflow, Office's CAD Template 

:: Work Efficiency > Work sessions with the Team to improve its work's efficiency

:: Portfolio & CV > Graphic design and production of the Office's Portfolio and CV 

:: Competitions > Support in the preparation for the applications to Competitions

:: Workshop > Organization of Workshops with the Team on specific issues

:: Team Coordination > Team Organization and Coordination for specific projects

:: Any other service in order to make the day to day activity more efficient

About Organizational Design

Organization design involves the creation of roles, processes and structures to ensure that the organization’s goals can be realized.

Source: Nicolay Worren, Associate Professor in Leadership & Organization at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences


[1, verb] the process of choosing the characteristics of the organization’s primary features (historically the characteristics of its strategy, core technology, and structure, but more recently also the characteristics of its employees, culture, and routines) that the designer intends for the organization to possess. 

Source: Organizational Design Community


Organization design, or organizational architecture is a metaphor: like traditional architecture it shapes the organizational (some authors would say the informational) space where life will take place. It also represents a concept which implies a connection between the organizational structure with other systems inside the organization in order to create a unique synergistic system which will be more than just the sum of its parts.

Conventionally organizational architecture consists of the formal organization (organizational structure), informal organization (organizational culture), business processes, strategy and the most important human resources because what is an organization if not a system of people.

Source: Wikipedia,