What I do ::

I offer my experience as Organization Design Consultant to support Architects in a wide range of tasks, independent or combined, long term or short term, where competence and insight are required, but for a limited time and investment.

:: Workflow Analysis > Analysis of the actual work system and structure

:: Organizational Design > Definitions of objectives and strategies for improving the workflow

:: Digital Architecture > Server and database organization

:: Office Manual > Writing and Editing of the Office's Manual and Procedures 

:: Standard > Composing and Editing of the Office's Standards and Templates 

:: CAD Support > Analysis of the CAD workflow, Office's CAD Template 

:: Work Efficiency > Work sessions with the Team to improve its work's efficiency

:: Workshop > Organization of Workshops with the Team on specific issues

:: Team Coordination > Team Organization and Coordination for specific projects

:: Tailored services for improving workflow efficiency

My name is Wolfe.
I solve problems.
— Harvey Keitel, Pulp Fiction
Tipologies Diagram for De Sluishuis :: de Cie., Amsterdam

Tipologies Diagram for De Sluishuis :: de Cie., Amsterdam